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In Mongolian Language, Shuvu means bird and just like birds fly, the ensemble Shuvu was born as founders Juulie Rousseau and Sanjajav Batamgalam flew from Canada and Vienna to Mongolia. They had previously met 5 years ago while Juulie was travelling to Mongolia, seeking inspiration for her own songs. At this time, Sanjajav was studying Morin Khuur in the music and dance college of Oulan Bator, they met and became musical soul-mates. Sanjajav is presently studying composition in the prestigious Schubert university in Vienna while singer-songwriter Juulie works on various projects in Canada. 


With the support of the Mongolian embassy to Canada,  the two musicains were able to meet again to create songs that evoke nature, love and beauty.

A unique genre that takes its roots in tranditional mongolian folk and contemperary music. Friend of Sanjajav, the talented yatgaa player,  Nomun Uno joined the ensemble, bringing a fine touch of magic and brightness to their music. Together, the three birds create a unique sound that hovers over distance, transcending barriers of language, culture and bounderies. 






Mongolia, Canada



Folk - World


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Mandah Nar - Shuvu Ensemble
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